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It is important to carry out a good recruitment process to attract a greater number of candidates and be able to cover the selection process in an optimal way, so the recruitment process is designed according to the needs of our clients, selecting and evaluating suitable candidates for the profile and position requested. In case the candidate does not meet the agreed testing period, the replacement is immediate..

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Socioeconomic study and labor research

We strengthen the candidate selection process through socioeconomic study and / or labor research.

    Socioeconomic Study:

  • Home visit
  • Review of family aspects, properties, credits, assets, debts, etc.

    Labor research:

  • Previous works
  • Labor suits
  • Unregistered work
  • Criminal or judicial background

Phychometric tests

Psychometric examinations allow determining the most relevant personality traits, aptitudes and areas of opportunity of each candidate or employee. We have more than 22 psychometric exams that evaluate intelligence, behavior, personality, style, learning, values, among other aspects.

Personnel Administration

Through this service, Balanco Services provides, evaluates and professionally manages the labor force required by companies assuming labor, fiscal and social security responsibility through the completion of the payroll process, tracking of incidents, compliance with obligations of law, payment of IMSS and Infonavit, dispersion of payments, issuance of payroll receipts. Likewise, the law firm Leal Montemayor advises us on all legal aspects to provide our clients with the certainty that all our processes are legally backed.

Organization Development

Any change inside a company generates an impact on processes and technology, as well as having an impact on human development and on improving the quality of the individual relationships that constitute the essence of the organizational culture.
In Balanco Services we know that the Organizational Development of a company requires a correct planning and must be directed to guide the company towards the achievement of higher levels of effectiveness and satisfaction.

Creation of manuals and business policies

We help the company to develop the manuals and business policies tailored to their needs, as well as their implementation.

Work environment

The work environment is a complex, dynamic and multidimensional phenomenon, as it directly impacts all staff, at all levels and in all organizations, reflecting the attitude of the staff, their commitment, level of motivation and collaboration.
The work environment can be measured and modified, so Balanco Services offers organizational environment studies for the company, as well as action plans and their implementation in order to improve it.


Balanco Services offers a wide range of courses in human and legal resources to train the company’s personnel. All our courses are registered with the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

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