Shelter Services

Our SHELTER COMPANY PROGRAM facilitates in an integral way, the start of operations of a foreign company in Mexico through a wide range of services that will make the investment process faster and more reliable.

Balanco Services is in charge of tasks and administrative functions of a legal, labor, environmental nature, among others, in the region where operations are sought and the client focuses on profitability, production processes and quality.

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Balanco Services

Offers foreign companies that wish to invest in Mexico the following services:

  • Legal
  • Real estate of industrial buildings
  • Tax and accountants
  • Human Resources (payroll, recruitment and selection)
  • Foreign trade
  • Administration of IMMEX Program
  • Logistics services
  • Supply Chain

The COMPANY SHELTER program allows our clients to:

Reduce times to start operations in Mexico.
Focus on your core business.
Be "protected" from many risks and obligations that normally affect companies that choose to incorporate directly.
Minimize risks of starting operations in an unknown country;

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